West Yorkshire Mayor secures £1m funding to tackle anti-social behaviour

Posted on: 20th, June 2023

The Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, has secured million-pound funding for a new pilot to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the region.  

 While the new initiative prepares to launch, people are being urged to have their say. 

 A survey has opened asking members of the public to feedback their experiences of ASB and share how they would like to see those responsible make amends.   

The trial will see a range of tailored services for adults and children trialled to benefit victims. 

 This includes completing unpaid work, repairing damage caused by their actions, and the option of restorative justice, where the victim can communicate with the person responsible for the crime. 

 Mayor Brabin, said: “We are determined to make West Yorkshire a safer place to work, live and raise a family, so we’re tackling the issues that really matter to people.  

 “Anti-social behaviour can plague communities. This new pilot aims to prevent it by working with offenders to understand and address the root causes.  

 “It is vital that we listen to our communities, so we want to hear from as many people as possible, who can share their experiences and help inform this important work.” 

 Working in close partnership with West Yorkshire Police, HM Prisons and Probation Service, Youth Justice Services and our Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, the initiative seeks to recognise and prevent trauma, respond early, and mitigate harm.   


Learning from the project will also improve the early intervention and prevention approach to ASB across the county. 

Chief Inspector Alan Travis, who is leading on this project for West Yorkshire Police said: “We are working closely with WYCA and other key stakeholders on what will be a new pathway to deal with perpetrators of anti-social behaviour.   

“This pathway will not only contribute to reparation for the communities affected by anti-social behaviour, but should also lead to a reduction in re-offending through education, rehabilitation, and restorative justice.” 


Restorative Solutions Directors Tony Walker and Kate Hook, said: “Restorative Solutions have been delivering the Restorative Justice Service across West Yorkshire since 2018, and are delighted to be working with Mayor Brabin, her Office, West Yorkshire Police and other local partners on such an important pilot project.  

In particular, we welcome the Mayor’s recognition of the value of Restorative Justice in reducing reoffending and changing behaviour as well as providing the opportunity to ensure the victim’s voice is heard in the process.” 


Lynda Marginson CBE, Regional Probation Director, said: “Yorkshire and the Humber Probation Service is committed to working in partnership to prevent future victims of anti-social behaviour and keep our communities safe. 


"Those committing anti-social behaviour will pay back to the community undertaking visible justice in their local communities. We know that by working collaboratively with our partners, better options will be achieved; enabling individuals to make positive changes to their lives and reduce further reoffending”. 


To find out more and have your say on the pilot, visit www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/asb   

The West Yorkshire Immediate Justice Pilot will fund a range of services and activities including;  

 for Adults  

·  Unpaid work activity of up to 20 hours in communities impacted by ASB for those who are referred or receive and out of court disposal for ASB behaviour.  

·  Restorative Justice and ASB awareness courses 


for Children (aged 12 to 17 years) 

· Restorative Justice workers across West Yorkshire supporting reparative activities and opportunities for children who frequently have records for ASB behaviours. 

·  Deliver positive activities including health and wellbeing, educational, involvement in community groups and activities that will develop a child sense of victim empathy and the need to repair harm.  

· Diverting them away from and preventing further ASB or offending that impacts their communities.  


for Victims and Communities  

·  Engagement and consultation with victims of ASB. 

·  Restorative Justice victim engagement.  

·  Support and engagement for victims of ASB. 

·  Develop and facilitate community conferences with groups of victims and offenders. 


Anti-Social Behaviour is defined as behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of the same household as the person.  Trauma informed means that the services will work in a way that see’s and understands what has happened to people rather than what is wrong with people. 

 Restorative Justice for Adults is a victim-focused approach that empowers victims of crime by giving them the opportunity to communicate with the person responsible for that crime.  For Children it supports each child to develop a ‘pro-social’ identity, and to help them to take a positive place in society, can help children to see the value of good behaviour and promote inclusion move forwards and recognise their valuable place in their communities. 

 Reparative activity for Adults means putting things right through repairing or making good the damage caused by an offence.  For Children it will be activities to help them to recognise and make a positive contribution for themselves and others in their community.   

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Restorative Justice has really helped. It has given me closure, and I feel much more positive.

Lucy, burglary victim

Now we can get on with our lives without the burden of what happened grinding us down.

Abuse victim

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